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AZ Repeaters Statewide 900MHz (33cm)

The most common Operational modes:

(O)—Open (A)—Open auto patch (CA)—Closed auto patch (L)—linked (E)—Emergency power (PL)—PL Tone (DPL)- Digital PL (RM)—Remote (R)—Races (EL)—Echolink (IR)—IRLP (AL)-Allstar (W)—WIRES (P-25)-APCO (TRBO)- Mototrbo

Frequency Status Location Type Callsign PL-Tone Operations Sponsor/Comments
927.0125 Active Phoenix Backyard KQ7DX 151.4 O,PL -
927.0250 Active Maricopa Tower KE7JVX 151.4 O,CS Ed Buelow
927.0250 Active White Tanks Mtn top KE7JVX 151.4 O,L Ed Buelow
927.0375 Active A-Mtn Hill Top KE7EJF Ask/141.3 O,DPL,PL
927.0625 Active Scottsdale BackYard KØNL 100.0 0, PL
927.0750 Active Bill Williams Mtn Mtn Top WB7BYV 218.1 O, PL New
927.1125 Active Mingus Mtn Mtn Top WB7BYV DPL 432 O,DPL Linked to Allstar
927.1250 Active Mt. Union Mtn Top K7QDX PL 103.5 O,PL Linked to Allstar. sponsor WB7BYV
927.1625 Active Scottsdale Airpark Water Tank WA7ZZT 151.4 O,PL,L ARA / Northlink
927.1625 Active Greens Pk Mtn Top W7ARA 151.4 O,PL,L ARA
927.2125 Active So Mtn Mtn W7MOT 151.4 O,L,E,PL MCRA
927.2375 Active Scottsdale Backyard KE7EUO 151.4 O,L,E,PL -
927.2875 Active Towers Mtn Mtn Top KF7EZ 151.4 O,PL -
927.3375 Active White Tanks Mtn Top W7ARA 151.4 O,PL,L ARA-Calzona
927.3625 DOWN White Tanks Mtn Top WW7B 151.4 O,PL,L WW7B for KD6TAQ(SK)
927.3875 Active Prescott Hilltop WB7BYV 151.4 O,A,PL,R WB7BYV Linked system
927.3875 Active Scottsdale Bldg Twr W7MOT−35 151.4 O,PL,L MARCA Linked to 147.340 & 442.025
927.4125 Active Pinal Pk Mtn Top W7ARA 151.4 O,L,E,PL ARA / Sometimes linked to Rimlink
927.4375 Active Chandler Bldg W7MOT−15 151.4 O,E,PL MARCA
927.4625 Active Yuma Hill Top W7DIN 88.5 O,PL Desert Intertie Network
927.4625 Active Usery Pass Mesa Mtn Top N7MK 151.4 O,PL,L FHART
927.5875 Active Prescott Airport Tall Bldg WB7BYV 131.8 O,PL Steve Crumley
927.6500 Active Maricopa Backyard KE7JVX 151.4 O,PL,L,EL,AL Linked to the Montycopa Linked Sysytem
927.8375 Active Pinal Pk Mtn Top N7TWW 151.4 O,PL,L FHART
927.8375 Active Mt Elden Mtn Top N7TWW 151.4 O,PL,L FHART
927.8875 Active Tucson Backyard K7IOU DPL-606 O,DPL,L BART
927.9125 Active Sierra Vista Grd Twr NØNBH 100.0 O,PL,L NØNBH

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